JW Kitchen Fitting About Us

We are Jim and Claire and run a kitchen fitting business operating from a South Lincolnshire base. Married in 2001, we moved to Spalding in September 2016 and have settled well into the area. Jim has been fitting kitchens for a large multi-team outfit based out of Peterborough since June 2016 and, over the past 35 years has fitted kitchens for some of the largest national retailers in the UK.​

So why have we decided to form JW Kitchen Fitting?​

Typically in the UK around 40 – 45% of consumers will choose to use the fitting service offered by their kitchen supplier. More often than not though, as these tend to be larger businesses or National groups, this means the suppliers are not able to offer the customer a personal service offered by smaller local concerns. Our experience, and feedback from customers suggests that more and more are looking for a fitting service that is uniquely designed for them and tailored around their lifestyle and to suit their needs.​

That’s where we come in.​

Our aim is to offer each customer a highly professional yet friendly installation service that is second to none. Because our service is very close and intimate, we are able to treat each customer as an individual and our services will always be based around their personal needs.​

As a consumer, you need to feel confident and comfortable that you have chosen well in your selection of kitchen fitter, and to know that you have experts in this field. We have set our primary focus on kitchen fitting and supporting services only as this is where our area of expertise lies, although we do carry out other works.​

We want to put the personal touch on all that we do and make each customer feel that they are valued and special. It is our intension to offer all customers honest and open dialogue where they feel they can speak to us at any time, so we will always be looking to maintain open communication channels where we can answer your questions quickly and in full.​

Thank you for your time and we look forward to hearing from you soon.

Jim & Claire