Can I Do My Own Electrical Work?
Apr 18, 2018

Can I Do My Own Electrical Work or Do I Need An Electrician?

We address this common question “Can I Do My Own Electrical Work”.  Electrics are a highly complicated area of your kitchen fit and although some customers complete these themselves it is not something we would recommend.

Most customers that choose to carry out electrical works themselves do so purely on a financial basis and in an effort to keep the costs down. Please be reassured, no reputable installer would look to make a significant profit from electrical works although there may be some additional costs included for making good after 1st fix. The best installers only ever include electrical works to ensure your new kitchen is legally compliant, safe and runs like a dream.

The 17th edition of the building regs covers all aspects of building projects in the UK. It is the legislation that all builders and local councils must comply with and part ‘P’ specifically covers electrical works. Any contactor that carries out electrical works must be ‘Part P’ registered and covered by the most recent legislation to be able to issue certification.

Any electrical alterations or additions carried out in your home must be supported by certification on completion. This can be full certification on major works or possibly a minor works certificate on minor alterations. Your household insurance will be invalidated if you have made electrical alterations that have not been certified.

You will find that incorrect power supplies could compromise the effective operation of your new appliances and incorrectly wired, would invalidate their warranty. Induction hobs, pyrolytic ovens and combination ovens are just some examples of appliances that are likely to need a new or upgraded power supply. As a general rule, the more complex the appliance, the more likely it is to need a new power supply so bear this in mind when budgeting your fitting costs.

Always call in the help of an expert if in doubt on electrics. Remember, aside of the household insurance complications, poorly carried out electrical works can be very dangerous. Can I do my own electrical work …. Your kitchen is likely to have the highest congregatioin of electrical appliances of any room in your home and in a very condensed area so the power feeds need to be sufficient to support the output. Insufficient power feeds carry a high fire risk and it only takes an electric shock with minimal amperage to kill. We would actively discourage any works that put the customer’s property, the customer or their family at risk and will not carry out any electrical works without the use of a qualified electrician that will certify the completed works.

Never, ever allow anyone that is not ‘Part P registered’ to carry out any electrical works in your home or on your property.

Your health and well being should be of prime concern, please do not put yourself, your family or property in harms way if this can be easily avoided.

Some customers have quoted the ‘Competent person’ line from the 17th edition of the building regs to justify carrying out electrical works themselves and not getting in a qualified electrician. It is true that this was a phrase previously used in the building regs but the real issue is who defines a ‘competent person’? There have been multiple documented cases of so-called ‘competent persons’ carrying out works where clearly the operative has not been competent. We’ve witnessed cases where electrical works have not only been illegal but downright dangerous and a clear and present danger to everyone encountering the issues. Be aware that you can no longer use the ‘competent person’ phrase as the building regs were amended in 2017 and this line has now been withdrawn.

Legislation on electrics change on a regular basis, so electrical contractors must be current and up to date on the latest version. Whichever body they are registered with will monitor their progression and ensure that each individual is working to the most recent ‘Part P’ version of the building regs. It is highly unlikely that a member of the general public is knowledgeable on the current revisions and therefore could not necessarily comply with current legislation or even best practices.

So, can I do my own electrical work and get an electrician to certify these?

In theory yes, in reality it is a practice that is frowned upon and rarely will you find an electrician that is prepared to do this. To certify the completed works, your electrician will have to complete a full circuit test. Any faults will be highlighted and although they do not have to rectify these they must be noted on the certification and in so doing, they have the authority to condemn faulty works that are deemed to be dangerous. In this event it has been known that faulty or dangerous circuits have been shut down in the interest of public safety. So in theory although the answer is yes, it is very high risk and our recommendation would always be, don’t do it.​

We can provide quality electrical trades as part of our service. See our Trade Services page for more details.​

We hope you have enjoyed reading this blog post and that you find our advice helpful on whether you can do your own electrical works.​​

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