How long to fit a kitchen?

Jan 16, 2018

The duration of your kitchen fit is variable on exactly what works you have contracted to be carried out.

Most fits of around 12- 15 units that include removal, essential electrical or plumbing and gas works, moderate amount of plastering, kitchen installation and laminate worktops, we would estimate around 5 days to complete.​

It all depends very much on what you include though. So, if your current kitchen has tiled floors and walls that are being replaced, it will add time to the whole process. If you are removing tiles and plastering the walls it will add time. If the floor needs self levelling it will add time. If you choose new ceiling lighting and the ceiling needs skimming it will add time. There are multiple areas of work that could add time to the whole fit.​

Customers should be made aware that if they were to choose a solid surface worktop that requires templating, this will add time to the fit duration. Although the fitting of the cabinets would take roughly the same time, typically solid surface suppliers will fit the worktops 7-10 working days after templating, which can only be completed once the cabinets have been fitted. Although you would be left with temporary services for the interim period, the final connection of any surface mounted appliances like hob or sink could not be completed until after the solid surface has been installed.

Always allow a minimum of 5 working days for your kitchen installation.

Most other forms of worktop don’t really have an impact on the fit duration. Laminate, solid wood or self-fit composite worktops can vary in how long they take to fit but in any case for a 12-15-unit kitchen, we would still be looking to complete the kitchen within a 5-6 working day period.​

As standard on all fits we issue a schedule of works to customers and contractors alike. So what is a schedule of works and how does it affect you?​

A schedule of works is a document that clearly defines what work is included, who is completing the works and how long this will take. Typically a schedule of works would be used on building sites to try and maintain control of the labour and contract duration. We can’t say the use of our schedule of works is unique in kitchen fitting but it is seldom used. We have decided to use this tool so there is complete clarity for customer and contractors who can maintain a clear view on what needs to be completed, when and by whom.​

Whether you are supplying some of the trades or services yourself, or you choose to use our complete package, we will issue the schedule of works to all parties involved. We will not commence work until we have written confirmation from all parties in agreement to these terms. Once we have received conformation from each party, the agreed upon schedule of works now becomes contractual. We are totally aware of customers concerns that they want their kitchen back as quickly as possible and ensuring that everyone is there when they should be is critical to ensuring this. By utilising the schedule of works in this way and making it contractual, all parties are obliged to honour these terms and could be penalised for non-compliance.

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