How Long Will I Be Without My Services?

Jan 16, 2018

Fitting a kitchen is one of the biggest building projects most customers will undertake in their home so be prepared as you will be without services in your kitchen for a period of time. This depends very much on your installer but we would suggest that most reputable installers would be looking to have sevices reinstated within a 4-6 working day period, depending on the size of the fit.​

There will be a spell on day one of the fit where your water and heating is likely to be turned off but this would not normally be for more than 3-4 hours, often less. In any event your installer should ensure that your water and heating are both live by the end of day one. It is also likely that the electrics would be isolated for a period of time but as with the water and heating these should both be live again by the end of the first day of the fit. Your installer should always look to get the water, heating and electrics back on as quickly as possible to enable live services to the rest of your property. This should be for a minimum period of time and only in exceptional circumstance would this be over night.​

Your kitchen services, i.e. sink and cooking facilities are likely to be out of action for a minimum period of 4-5 days, depending on the size and fit duration. For composite self fit worktops that can be completed by your installer, this may take a little more time to complete but your installer should still be aiming to have your sink, taps and all appliances fully operational by the end of day 5-6 of the fit.

Expect to be without services in your kitchen for a period of 4-6 working days. Add a further evening or possibly two later on if you are choosing solid surface worktops.

It is likely that the electrics would need to be isolated on the final day of the fit so all your appliances can be reconnected and any 2nd fix electrical works completed. This should be for a limited period of time and your electrics live again fairly quickly.​

If your installer has used separate isolation valves on the hot and cold feeds to your new sink and taps, the water would not need to be disconnected again to enable the 2nd fix plumbing.​

If you are having a solid surface worktop, these would normally be templated on the 4th or 5th day of the fit. This would allow enough time to install temporary worktops, sink, taps and appliances so your kitchen is functional while you are waiting for the new worktops to be installed. Your hob and sink would need to be removed to allow for fitting of the new worktops and this would normally take place the day before worktop installation. Once the worktops are in, your sink, taps and hob can all be reconnected. This would mean that you are likely to be without these services in your kitchen for one more night, two at the absolute most, depending on the worktop supplier’s protocols.​

Under normal circumstances we would not want any of our customers without the use of their kitchen sink, washing machine and cooking facilities for any more than 5 working days. Even if the customer were having a solid surface worktop, we would still aim to ensure that they are never without their services over any weekend period.​

Our policy is to keep the customer fully informed, using our schedule of works from a very early stage, we aim to help our customers understand how the process works and how this will impact on them.

We hope we have given you some idea on how long you will be without your services. If you found the post helpful, please let us know by leaving a comment below and of course if you have any questions, please feel free to leave them in the comment section also, or get in touch with us via Facebook here, or use our Contact Form, we are happy to help.

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