JW Kitchen Fitting

12 Month Fully Comprehensive Warranty

To offer our customers complete peace of mind, a fully comprehensive Warranty covering a period of 12 months is offered as standard on all fits.​

This Warranty covers all services, works and materials supplied by JW Kitchen Fitting as well as any of our appointed sub-contractors. We cover any damage caused to the customer or customer’s property as a direct result of poor workmanship completed by our appointed sub-contactors or ourselves. JW Kitchen Fitting hold public liability insurance policies with minimum coverage of £2million to ensure total protection for our customer’s. It is a clear stipulation from JW Kitchen Fitting that all appointed sub-contractors must have insurance policies in place with at least the same coverage to enable contracted works to take place.​

Our Warranty is fully transferable and covers the place of work and not a specific customer so can be a benefit if you are trying to sell your property. On issue of our Warranty, the start date and property address are specified and not the customer’s name, so not only are your details protected but the Warranty can be passed on to the new owner.