JW Kitchen Fitting Technical Services

Pre Fit Survey

As a standard service to all customers, a full in depth technical survey will be carried out that will cover all aspects of your project.​

Although this is a non-obtrusive survey, it is critical to capture as much information as possible at an early stage. The pre fit survey is designed to prevent any confusion and complete clarity of what is included within your quote for services.​

We will talk to you in depth about your kitchen design and what you are looking to include within the service package, the range of kitchen, appliances, floor and wall coverings and any special features that you are looking to include.​

The full survey can take up to two hours but we won’t need you in the room at all times. Generally speaking we try to top and tail the survey in conversation with the customer to make sure nothing is missed, with the interim period being measuring to make sure that everything fits and where we capture all technical details.

Our aim is to present you with a fair and honest quote and prevent any hidden costs, so it is critical that all drawings, including measurements and your suppliers order are present at the time of the survey. Depending on your circumstances there could be further information that we request, but we will talk to you openly and honestly if this is needed.

Schedule of Works

We can supply some or all of the trades needed to complete your fit, but some customers cover some jobs themselves or they have someone else in mind.​

At times, it can be confusing not just for the customer but also for the trades as to who is doing exactly what and when.​

Whether we supply all trades or you supply some of these yourself, a schedule of works will be issued to all parties involved.​

This will be detailed and give a full breakdown on each process in the project. Who is carrying out the work, what is included, start dates and completion dates will all be highlighted.​

Once the contract for services and the delivery and start dates are agreed, we will draw up the schedule of works for your kitchen installation and issue this to you as well as all trades and services involved in your project.​

One area of concern for customers is whether or not trades will turn up at the agreed time. ​

To reassure you on this, the issued and agreed upon schedule of works forms a legally binding contract that all parties are obliged to honour. To reinforce this we will also be looking for all parties’ signatures in agreement to give you total confidence.

Project Management

Poor communication is probably the biggest cause of issues in our industry and we understand that the ability to communicate clearly and effectively is essential to the success of your kitchen installation.​

We aim not to smother you but to give clear and concise information as and when is needed and are in contact with all necessary parties at the critical points of the process.​

Whether you choose to use all or just some of our trade services we will project manage every installation including full liaison with all trades.​

If you are supplying some of the trade services yourself, we will need full contact details for the third party and will gladly speak to them on your behalf to ensure a smooth transition through each phase of the project.​

Our project management is highly personalised around the customer and includes both on and off site points of contact, so as well as dealing with the installation team during the fit, you will also have significant dealings with our office team.​

We target being ready to answer and clarify any and all questions clearly and as quickly as possible. Whilst maintaining open communication channels at all times, we look to ensure complete customer peace of mind.