How Much Will My Kitchen Installation Cost?

Jan 15, 2018

How long is a piece of string? Your kitchen installation cost is dependent on a wide range of differing factors, all of which will be exclusive to your kitchen so just picking a number off a price list cannot give you an accurate quote.​

First advice we would give is that if you are given a quote over the phone without a survey, dismiss this quote out of hand. It is not possible to give an accurate quote without a pre fit survey taking place. We will not quote the customer without a survey and this service is supplied as standard to all of our customers, as would any reputable installer. We’d suggest that anyone giving a quote without a survey is not experienced in kitchen fitting. We’d also be worried that once tied into the contract you’ll find the costs increasing regularly over the fit, as they have not isolated the key issues in advance. ‘Hidden Extra’s’ is a term that we try to avoid, as we know customers are always on a budget and how damaging this can be to customer relations and our reputation.​

Any quote given over the phone, dismiss immediately.

You will hear terms like ‘Dry Fit Installation’ and Supplementary Works’ so the first thing to explain is what a ‘dry fit installation’ is and what ‘supplementary works’ are and what possible other costs there may be beyond this. ​

A ‘dry fit installation’ would normally include the removal of the existing kitchen, fitting of the new cabinets, décor panels, plinth, cornice, light pelmet, appliances, worktops and pretty much everything that you have purchased from your supplier. It would normally include fitting of the sink and taps and connecting the plumbing if the sink is going into the same location as your original kitchen.​​

‘Supplementary works’ will include thing like disposal of kitchen, removal of tiles, additional electrical works, additional plumbing works, plastering, flooring, tiling, connection of appliance and so on. You will find that when you get an installation quote from one of the major national retailers, this quote will be for dry fit only and not the supplementary works so these would be costs that you need to ascertain and add to your budget. In our experience the only time when a customer has a true ‘dry fit installation’ is when they are having an extension or new property built as the plumbing and electrics are included within the build costs. On all other occasions there is always additional works required beyond the dry fit.​​​

Never, ever accept a quote without a pre fit survey.

It is possible to quote the customer just for the fitting of the cabinets and this will vary between £40-£65 per unit and would include fitting of plinths, cornice, light pelmet and handles. You would also need to include fitting of sink and taps, worktops, appliances and sundries which could add a further £400-£500+ on your quote.​​​​

We try to take the technical terms like ‘dry fit installation’ and ‘supplementary works’ out of the equation and just give the customer an honest quote. You will most likely find that local businesses tend to offer a more inclusive service for the customer that will include all the necessary works in the quote. Be careful on this though and make sure you get an itemised quote for works and not an estimate. An estimate is exactly that, it is a guess and it is highly likely the costs will go up during the course of the fit. An itemised quote will give a breakdown of the costs involved and your fitter is tied to this, as it is a clearly defined number and specified details of works.​​​

Always ensure you get an itemised quote and not an estimate.

Our pre fit survey covers every aspect of what is to be included within your service package. From this we will we will then be able to give you a breakdown quote that will be categorised as Kitchen fitting, finishing touches, gas and plumbing, electrical works and additional items. Once the customer has agreed the quote, a contract will be drawn up that will itemise every detail of what is included within the works. Both parties will sign the contact and this will form the basis of our working relationship where every detail is specified.​​​

Unfortunately we cannot give you a realistic indication of your kitchen installation cost without a pre fit survey as there are to many variables, and although we could give you some ballpark numbers, we can’t do this as we do not want to raise your expectations to an unsustainable level.​​​

We hope we have given you some idea on what costs are involved with your kitchen installation. If you found the post helpful, please let us know by leaving a comment below and of course if you have any questions, please feel free to leave them in the comment section also, or get in touch with us via Facebook here, or use our Contact Form, we are happy to help.

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