When having a new kitchen fitted, lots of people have many questions.  One of which we often get asked is “Does Kitchen Installation Include Removal?”  To help you understand further as to whether or not you can expect the removal to be included in your installation, we have put together this post to tackle this often asked question.


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Does Kitchen Installation Include Removal?

Well, in a nutshell not normally no, unless specified.  However, there are things you need to understand.  If you have chosen a reputable fitter, you should have received an itemised quote and should clearly see whether or not removal is specified, so we’d always say look here first for confirmation.

You may find that the removal is broken down into more than one area on your quote, so we give more detail below on what other removal costs could be included and why they are listed separately.

So let’s go deeper into whether or not removal is included in kitchen installation.

An In-depth Look – Does Kitchen Installation Include Removal?

The removal of your existing Kitchen comprises of many different parts, Cabinets, worktops, appliances, sinks & taps, wall tiles, flooring and electrical components are all common factors regularly included within a kitchen removal. These areas all surround the nuts and bolts of the kitchen, however, it’s also not uncommon for customers to include within the whole project radiators, internal doors & ironmongery, skirting, architrave, painting & decorating, stud-work walls and even non-structural block-work or structural wall removal.

***It is illegal for anyone other than a Gas safe registered engineer to disconnect gas appliances or alter gas related pipework. Any alterations to gas works, including the caping of an unused pipe, require testing and certifying on completion***.

So why is the removal of some items included within the Kitchen removal cost and others listed as separately itemised costs? 

Many aspects of removal and installation require specialist qualifications or specialist equipment. Experienced kitchen fitters will be able to remove almost all of your kitchen, very often including some of the more complex areas listed above. However, Gas and Electrical works legally require certifying on completion, so it is essential that these works are only ever carried out by certified and qualified engineers. It is quite common for radiators to be moved or replaced and although some fitters may be able to complete this themselves, others may prefer to employ the services of a heating engineer for greater peace of mind.

We hope that with our post Does Kitchen Installation Include Removal? you are finding it useful and helpful so far.

Does Kitchen Installation Include Removal?

Removal of structural walls will often require the involvement of your local council building control department and sometimes structural engineers. It’s quite possible that with your fitters experience they may well be able to identify these areas during the home survey, but it’s unlikely they would carry out these works themselves without the use of specialist trades or local council departments.

All good fitters will have supporting trades at their disposal so should be able to cover pretty much every aspect of the removal and fitting of your Kitchen. The one grey area on this is structural building works as most kitchen fitters would not carry out structural works due to the complexities.

It is also quite common that customers will supply their own supporting trades, particularly where structural building works or building extensions are involved. In this scenario, it’s quite normal to expect your fitter to work closely with your contractors to finalise detail for a smoother installation process.

To Conclude – Does Kitchen Installation Include Removal?

Normally the removal of your old kitchen is an additional cost.  So we recommend always checking your itemised quote to make sure what aspects of the removal are included.  When we provide our quotes to the customer, they can clearly see exactly what we are doing, so they know exactly what they are getting and what to expect.

Putting structural works to one side, if your fitter asks you to supply supporting trades (Gas & Electrical Engineers), be cautious. There are exceptions, for example your fitter may have only just moved into the area or recently gone independent and could be in the process of building up their contacts, but as a general rule, be wary of any fitter that cannot provide their own supporting trades.

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