What Does Kitchen Installation Include?

In this post we will talk about what a kitchen installation typical includes. Broadly speaking, Kitchen Installation will include the fitting of the majority of items that have been provided by your Kitchen supplier.

You should expect your fitter to include a pre-fit survey and removal of your existing Kitchen as well as installations of all cabinets, cabinet fittings, décor panels, plinths, cornice & light pelmet, handles, worktops, sinks, taps and appliances within their installation costs.


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Lets crack on.. What Does Kitchen Installation Include?


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Lets crack on.. What Does Kitchen Installation Include?

When dealing with larger or National suppliers that include installation, this will normally comprise of two separate parts. The first part being a “Dry fit Installation” and the second part the “Specialist works.” Smaller businesses or independents will more often give an all-encompassing quote that include both.

So what is included in a Dry fit installation? This will normally include the installation of everything supplied by your primary supplier. However, this will not include items supplied by a third party or areas that require specialist trades. Items supplied by an alternative supplier would be included within the “Specialist works” along with flooring, tiling, plastering, gas and plumbing, electrical or any other works that a require specialist trade.

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Do make sure you ask your fitter for an itemised quote and definitely make sure a “Pre-fit survey” is included. This way it should be possible to eliminate the majority of unforeseen costs.

What Does Kitchen Installation Include

 In most cases, experienced Kitchen fitters will include the majority of plumbing work in their costs and possibly, some electrical works. It’s also quite common for good fitters to complete their own plastering and tiling works. Most prefer to do this as it is very often more time efficient. No works should ever be undertaken by your fitter if it requires certification unless they are registered with the relevant body. This means that there will at times be a reliance on third party trades such as gas engineers or electricians.

Continued.. What Does a Kitchen Installation Include?

You would normally expect your fitter to install all appliances and usually their connection as well. Either by themselves or a qualified Gas engineer or Electrician. Connection of appliances would also normally include running a wet test where necessary.

As installation of appliances must include independent isolation points, your fitter should be completing a formal hand over to you at the end of the fit. This will include highlighting where all the isolation points are and any guarantee conformities that you should be made aware of.

Very often, fitters will include other areas not normally associated with Kitchen fitting. These may include internal carpentry work, i.e., doors and ironmongery, studwork walls or even new radiators. You’d be surprised and what good fitters will make possible for the customer so it’s always worth asking. Reputable fitters will normally go the extra mile and are more likely to say yes, rather than no.

In Summary – What Does Kitchen Installation Include

It is perfectly reasonable to expect your fitter, or supporting trades, to cover every aspect of your Kitchen fit and leave the room totally usable on completion. The best fitters will be looking for 100% satisfaction and, meant in the nicest way, will not want to see you again when they leave, so will do everything possible to ensure nothing is left to chance.

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