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Your kitchen fitter cost will vary depending on which area you live in. Typically, metropolitan areas or areas that are densely populated will have higher rates than more rural areas. 

So how much does a kitchen fitter charge?  

Customers have fed back to us stories of widely varying rates even in our localised area. Typically, a good Kitchen fitter will be expecting to earn a minimum of £250 per day so this really should be the minimum number to be looking at.  

By and large you do get what you pay for in this industry so be cautious of numbers significantly lower than this as it is unlikely to be a Kitchen expert.  We have heard terrible stories of people attempting to fit certain kitchen ranges or specialist worktops and unfortunately it hasn’t turned out well.  That is why we recommend you use a professional kitchen fitter, they specialise in fitting kitchens and will be able to handle any cabinets or worktops.

What about day rates? how much does a kitchen fitter charge?

Our advice would be to stay away from day rates as these will be an estimate and not a quote. A reputable Kitchen fitter will want to carry out a survey and give you a quote for all the works to be completed. Here at JW Kitchen Fitting we carry out a pre-fit survey on every job we quote, not only to give an accurate quotation, but to also check measurements and designs, and to check everything will fit and work in practice. 

We would also highly advise you ask for a detailed breakdown of all costs involved and look for an itemised quote. These will specify every aspect of what is to be included and will effectively form a contract between yourself and your fitter. This way, the only way the end costs would rise is if there was something that could not be seen at the survey, or, if there was something additional that was requested by the customer. 

how much does a kitchen fitter charge

Top Tip 1

Ensure you get a fully itemised quotation.

Top Tip 2

Stay away from day rates, get a price for the whole works

Top Tip 3

Ensure you hire someone who specialises in Kitchen Fitting.

Here at JW Kitchen Fitting we provide a fully itemised quotation so you can easily compare the quotes you get for your kitchen fitting project and easily see how much each part of the project is costing you.  This also applies for the actual kitchen supply, it’s handy in case you need reduce costs, you can see for example, that the appliances are costing you x amount, going for another brand could save you some money, likewise with handles and the like, your designer will be able to help with that.

If you have an estimate your expected budget is likely to rise, a quote the numbers are more likely to stay fixed. 

The total cost of fitting a kitchen will vary, your kitchen installation cost will depend upon several factors detailed here in this post, so get a fully itemised quotation and see exactly how much every part of the fit is costing you.

To conclude, how much does a kitchen fitter charge?

Getting a new kitchen fitted is a very exciting project to undertake, your kitchen is one of the rooms you will most probably use the most in your home. That’s why it’s imperative to get the right kitchen fitter and make sure you are charged a fair and reasonable price for your kitchen fitting at the same time as with being provided with a professional fit.

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